Paying for College


Educational Opportunity Fund

EOF provides the opportunity of higher education for students who would not be able to attend college without financial assistance and support services. Students receiving an EOF grant participate in programs designed to assist them in realizing their abilities.

Financial Assistance - Students eligible for the EOF Program received a grant of up to $1,050 to help cover the cost of tuition, books, and fees for each academic year. Financial assistance is available for graduate study.

Counseling - Professional counselors and a patient and understanding staff are available to assist students with financial, academic, career and person concerns. Counseling is a strong foundation of our program and has proven to aid in our student's academic success.

Transfer Assistance - Your EOF counselor will help you in the transfer process to an accredited four-year institution in New Jersey.

Tutoring - Free tutoring is provided for students who need help in various subject areas.

You may be eligible for the EOF Program if:

  • You meet the income eligibility criteria;
  • You are or will be a full-time student enrolled in a major leading to a degree or certificate;
  • You have been a resident of New Jersey for one year prior to receiving the grant and;
  • You exhibit the potential to succeed in college

How to Apply
1 - Read the eligibility requirements for the EOF program based on your status at CCC (currently enrolled or new).
2 - Fill out the application online. The application has three parts:
Basic Information 
Open Ended Questions 

3 - Submit the application and the EOF Office will contact you via email.

4 - If you are eligible for the program, you will be required to attend an interview before being accepted into the program.

Please allow a few weeks for application processing. The EOF office must validate your Accuplacer test scores and Financial Aid award to determine eligibility for the program.

EOF Summer Institute
The EOF Summer Institute is a free program that prepares students for the demands and rewards of college life. Students needing remediation in writing, reading and/or mathematics are provided an excellent opportunity to improve their skills during this vigorous 7-week program.

The program helps student develop strong peer support, create a positive self-image, acquire academic survival skills, and explore career possibilities. Counseling, tutoring, and numerous workshops are conducted during this program.

Read more about the Summer Institute. 

To be considered for the Summer Institute, please register for an Information Session by clicking here .

If you have questions about the EOF Summer Institute, please contact Yajaira Montero at 856.691.8600 ext. 1255 or e-mail at [email protected]