Current Students

Winter Classes

Cumberland offers two Winter Sessions to help you get ahead during the break. Register today!

Winter 1 is offered online, while Winter 2 is held in the classroom. Below is a list of the courses being offered, but please note that the most up-to-date list is available in WebAdvisor*.

Winter 1 Online: Dec. 19, 2018—Jan. 20, 2019

  • AN-102-ONL01 Cultural Anthropology
  • AR-107-ONL01 Art History I
  • CJ-115-ONL01 Diversity Issues in CJ
  • CJ-120-ONL01 Cybercrime
  • CJ-130-ONL01 Intro to Emergency Management
  • CJ-213-ONL01 Criminal Psychopathology
  • CS-101-ONL01 Introduction to Microcomputers
  • EG-101-ONL01 Intro to Engineering I
  • GE-101-ONL01 World Geography
  • HI-101-ONL01 Western Civilization I
  • HI-201-ONL01 United States History I
  • HS-115-ONL01 Basic Nutrition
  • LS-101-ONL01 Elementary Spanish I
  • LS-101-ONL02 Elementary Spanish I
  • LS-102-ONL01 Elementary Spanish II
  • MA-109-ONL01 Principles of Math
  • MA-205-ONL01 Statistics I
  • MU-101-ONL01 Music Appreciation
  • NU-112-ONL01 Intro to Nursing Success
  • PA-101-ONL01 Public Administration
  • PI-110-ONL01 Principles of Science
  • PY-101-ONL01 General Psychology
  • PY-102-ONL01 Child Psychology
  • PY-204-ONL01 Psychology of Adolescence
  • SO-201-ONL01 Introductory Sociology
  • SP-203-ONL01 Effective Speech
  • TH-250-01 Adv Independent Study Projects

Winter 2 Classroom: January 2–16, 2019

  • AR-101-OFF01 Art Appreciation
  • CS-101-01 Introduction to Microcomputers
  • HI-201-01 United States History I
  • PY-213-01 Educational Psychology
  • SO-207-01 Soc. Minor. & Intergrp. Rel.
  • SO-220-01 Intro Soc. Work & Soc. Welfare
  • SP-203-01 Effective Speech
  • SP-203-02 Effective Speech

*To search in WebAdvisor, click on the purple "Search for Courses" button above. This takes you to WebAdvisor. Select a term from the drop down menu. Then select Academic Level "Undergraduate."

Visiting Students

If you attend another college or university and are interested in taking winter courses at Cumberland to transfer earned credits back to your school, here's what you need to do to register

Please have your transcript with you when registering in order to determine placement levels and pre-requisite completion.